When a Mother thrives, the whole family thrives.

Over the Moon Postpartum Care is dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of all Mothers.  With the epidemic rates of postpartum mood disorders impacting so many families in our modern society it is becoming undeniable that we need to re-assess our cultural conception and treatment of the postpartum continuum.   This means that we have to acknowledge the postpartum healing time beyond the prescribed 6 weeks, facilitate a Mother's extended period of rest, and cultivate a thorough understanding of postpartum physiology.  We should be viewing bodywork as essential to a woman's long term health and vitality rather than as a whim of luxury. Nutrition should be specific to a Mother's needs with foods that are warming, nutrient dense and easily digestible.  We need to release her from the unrealistic expectation of returning to her former self by honoring her transition from Maiden into a Mother, exalting her for what she has become, and giving gratitude to her for what she left behind in the process. Lastly and maybe most importantly, Mothers need community, humans can not thrive in isolation, especially newly postpartum women.  There is undeniable magic that happens when women circle around.

All gatherings and classes offered by Over the Moon Postpartum Care are specifically designed as a way to bring these fundamental concepts into our community, improving our cultural norm, one family at a time. 

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