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When a Mother thrives, the whole family thrives.


Over the Moon Postpartum (Maternal) Care is dedicated to supporting the health and wellness of all Mothers.  The epidemic rate of postpartum mood disorders crippling  modern Mothers have made it evident that we need to create change.  


I believe in the divine nature of Women. I believe that it is a Woman's birthright to be confident and in a place of power ESPECIALLY  while doing the sacred work of Motherhood. I believe in honoring a Woman's  transition from Maiden into a Mother, exalting her for what she has become, and giving gratitude to her for the parts of herself that she left behind. Lastly and maybe most importantly I believe that Mothers need community and spiritual connection.   


Potent magic happens when women come together.

All gatherings and classes offered by Over the Moon Postpartum (Maternal) Care are specifically designed to elevate Women. 

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