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Be sure to check back in as new classes and gatherings will be added regularly.
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Mothering Community.


This gathering of women and their prewalking babies will happen on Tuesday mornings, in 5week long sessions.    Mothering Community is designed with Mothers health and well being always in mind.  

Each gathering will include 


-good morning song

-breathing and centering exercise 

-checking in with all the mamas

-Singing and rhymes with babies 

-conversation prompts and time for open sharing 

-a visit from a local Wise Woman. She will share her knowledge on a topic relevant to your postpartum experience. (Examples: nutritionalist, pelvic floor physical therapist, Midwife, infant feeding specialist, babywearing educator, sacred womb guided meditations, infant cpr... open to requests)

-tea and a nutritious snack (expect soups and warming foods in the winter 

-a final check in

-a closings song

Gathering with other Mothers is proven to help increase oxytocin levels which is amazing medicine in and of itself!

1st 5week session- $200

2nd 5week session- $150

INNATE Postpartum Care- Community Education Series


This is a 5 class series.  The first 4 classes will take place prenatally ideally between 25-35 weeks gestation.  The purpose of the first 4 classes is to educate women and their support teams about time tested postpartum traditions, which have been backed modern science and will ensure a woman's long term health and vitality. Additionally, we will build and fortify community for your family so that you can create an informed, nourishing, and supported postpartum care plan.

The 5th and final class will take place when all participating families are at least 6 weeks postpartum..  This class is for community celebration and witnessing of the mothers especially, but also of partners.  The 5th class will be a nourishing and peaceful place where families can enjoy some tea, share about their births and rekindle the community ties built in the first 4  classes.

Yoni Steam Workshop


Demystify the ancient medicine of vaginal steaming.  Learn about herbs for toning, nourishing and rejuvenating your vaginal tissues as well as your uterus. Yoni steaming has been revered for hundreds of years for helping balance hormones to enhance sexual drive as well as improve fertility and promote postpartum healing.  Leave here with the confidence and knowledge to start a Yoni Steaming self-care practice at home.   


Birth Circle.


This is a sacred space created when women come together without judgement to share their birth stories.  There are really no two ways about it: birth is intense, every single time, no matter how it goes down.  Equally undeniable is the fact that woman are amazing for their ability to grow and bring new life into the world.  This is how we honor each other.  A birth circle is for a brand new mom processing her experience with birth, for a mother with grown babies moved out and making families of their own, and for any woman, expecting a baby or not.  We all benefit and grow as woman when we share the stories and magic of our bodies.

Pelvic Floor101.


In this 2 hour workshop you will learn what every  Woman needs to know about her Pelvic floor.  We will start with the basic anatomy and function so that you can really understand what is going on down there.  We will cover the cause and effects of many pelvic floor disfunctions and learn how to make shifts in our lives and in the way move to better connect to and  improve the health of the  pelvic floor.  This is invaluable information that every woman, girl, mother, grandmother and maiden should possess.  

Closing of the Bones.


Closing of the bones is the bookend at the other side of birth.  This is when your village comes together to acknowledge your passage and arrival into your new roll as a Mother. Your loved ones will assist in binding your body with a rebozo, giving gratitude for all that was given and all that you will give as you continue to grow your tiny human.  Closing of the Bones can happen any time beyond the 6th week postpartum and can be done here at Over the Moon or in your home.  


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